Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls?

Yes, they can; however, they should not. Eating egg rolls does not pose any severe threat to canine health, but consuming them in large quantities can be harmful.

Egg rolls are fried food, and they can upset a dog’s stomach, causing diarrhea, vomiting, and other stomach-related issues. Also, they have a high sodium content, which can cause several health problems.

Egg rolls are a savory treat, and it is hard to eat only one. As a pet parent, you know that your beloved dog does not let you enjoy your food alone and is always by your side to have a share.

While canines can safely consume many human food items, it would be better if you avoid feeding egg rolls to your furry friend.

Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls

Potential Hazards of Egg Rolls to Dogs

There are a variety of recipes for egg rolls, so it’s difficult to say whether the egg roll you have is harmful to your dog or not. However, all egg rolls are composed of two things: a filling and a wrapper. Both of these bring up some health concerns.


Egg roll fillings are usually made up of some type of meat and accompanied by shredded vegetables, most of which are well tolerated by dogs.

However, what makes these rolls tasty are spices and flavorings that are toxic to dogs in large enough amounts. These include garlic, onions, salt, soy sauce, and MSG, which are all ingredients that shouldn’t be part of any dog’s diet.


Egg roll wrappers are generally made of eggs, flour, and water, which are all harmless enough for dogs. However, when these wrappers are deep-fried, they tend to hold oil in amounts too excessive for the typical dog’s diet.

Generally, fried foods that humans love, such as french fries, shouldn’t be fed to your dog as they can cause harm without providing any nutritional value.

Consuming too much oil can immediately cause digestive upset and painful bloating. Over time, an oily diet can lead to obesity, chronic pancreatitis, and liver disease.


Oil is used for frying egg rolls. Many dogs love fried egg rolls and try to eat them at every chance. However, excess consumption of this fried snack can lead to obesity and other weight-related health issues.

High Sodium Content

Dogs need sodium in their diet, but too much can be extremely harmful and cause other long-term problems.

Egg rolls do not contain very high levels of sodium per serving (3g). However, if you feed your pet only egg rolls, the amount of sodium it consumes each day could add up to 150mg/day (on average) – to 200mg/day.

That’s 50-100% over what dogs should consume daily. Your dog can experience kidney failure if it consumes too much sodium.


Dogs have a naturally low tolerance for carbs and can develop health issues like diabetes and obesity if their portion sizes are too large. The carb content of egg rolls can lead to weight gain in your dog.

Therefore, avoid feeding your dog an egg roll as a regular treat unless you want to risk it developing health issues. The wrappers on egg rolls probably come from wheat flour or rice flour.

These two are unlikely to cause digestive problems in small amounts. However, if there are onions or garlic flavors in the wrapper, they could make your dog sick if he eats it.

Can Puppies Eat Egg Rolls?

Well, puppies love to munch on human food just like their older counterparts. But, egg rolls pose an even greater threat to your pup’s health. Apart from the fact that egg rolls have ingredients that are toxic to dogs, egg rolls also present choking hazards for puppies.

Egg rolls are generally fried, and the crispy outer wrapper can easily get lodged into their esophagus. There seems to be little point in trying to feed your tiny canine a food item that offers very little or no health benefit and may even pose choking hazards.

Can Dogs Have Spring Rolls?

When it comes to spring rolls, the narrative does change quite a bit. Spring rolls are made with rice wrappers instead of wheat ones.

You will also come across much healthier options where the wrappers are made entirely from egg, egg whites, or rice paper. These wrappers contain no more than 30-40 calories.

Several spring roll varieties aren’t fried at all. Some spring rolls are steamed, boiled, or broiled. It would not be wise to make spring rolls a daily part of your dog’s meal plan, but spring rolls filled with non-toxic ingredients can certainly serve as a tasty snack for your pooch on special occasions.

Just make sure never to add avocado if you plan on feeding one to your dog, as avocado is toxic for dogs.

A spring roll will undoubtedly be a more wholesome snack for your pup than an egg roll. There’s no denying that spring rolls aren’t a highly recommended treat for puppies, but there is little to fear from a spring roll full of tasty veggies.