When Is The Glottic Opening The Largest?

Exact Answer: The widest opening of the glottis occurs when we are inhaling. Stretching the glottic opening wide allows the most air to pass through the trachea and into the lungs.

Glottis is the opening between the vocal cords in the voice box, size of this opening depends on various factors but it is largest when we are inhaling.

When we inhale, the muscle that are controlling the size of the glottis relaxes and stretch the opening. This allows the greatest amount of air to pass into the lungs where it can be oxygenated.

The size of the glottic opening also affects the pitch of our voice. If the opening is narrow then our pitch of voice is high while a wider opening results lower pitch. This happens because of the vibration of the vocal cord which is influenced by the size of the glottic opening, the wider the opening lowers the vibration.

The size of our glottic opening also changes speech when we are singing. When we are speaking or singing, the opening of our glottis is adjusted to produce different sounds and pitches. The muscles that control the size of our glottic opening are highly coordinated and work together to produce clear, articulate speech and beautiful singing voices.

Our glottic opening size also depends on our emotions. For example, when we are scared or surprised by something our glottic opening is narrow which affects the sound of our voice. On the other hand, when we’re getting angry or excited our glottic opening becomes wider that result in a deeper and more resonant voice.